Можно ли избавитбся от пошлых мыслей

Можно ли избавитбся от пошлых мыслей

Я засомневалась, не сама ли я "из подсознания" диктую себе эти послания, - так сильно отличался этот контакт от описаний "автописьма", при котором человек часто не понимает того, что пишет, его рукой как бы завладевает. Еще 27 января она писала Замятниной: "Нужно для "Весов" написать на днях повесть, нужно избавиться на днях от обязанности перед "Тропинкой" и от пристающих по поводу этого рассказа "Глухая Даша" - мыслей. Photo Albums; My Audience Concert Halls Road Impressions Home Photos Portraits Forte dei Marmi Jose Pet Mimi Athos. My Audience. After reading all the reviews online I decided to purchase this Replica shukosh.мбусэб.рф was almost a month ago and so far I am very happy with shukosh.мбусэб.рф keeps very accurate time (it is a quartz after all) and it looks shukosh.мбусэб.рф chronograph, however, doesn't work the way it's supposed to (according to the manual, when you reset it, all three subdials. Право же, можно ли сожалеть о судьбе того же Тухачевского, «военного гения», потерпевшего, кстати, немедленно сокрушительное поражение, как только в августе года он столкнулся с мало-мальским сопротивлением в.

At first sight , it is impossible. As teaches the schoolbook of biology [2, page ], at a short-sighted eye the crystalline lens of eye cannot become flat enough that at available length of an eyeball to create the exact image, and to correct it can only eyeglasses. If at you short-sightedness so it, probably, also is - differently from what to you to read this text , try to see at night the a distant lamp.

Светлана Хусаинова - Фотогалереи

The author with the own short-sighted eyes Approximately the same as on a picture at correct prompting of the chamber on acutance: Pic. Why, if the parent of short-sightedness - the improper focusing of an eye? Now we shall look at test table [8], for example on the letter "M": Pic. At a defocusing the camera will represent its such: Pic. While the short-sighted eye of the author sees approximately so: Pic. Besides - why? If to put on eyeglasses, multicontour disappears - that denies the guess, that the parent in the garbled shape of a cornea.

Would be garbled - eyeglasses would not help.

Как сделать фото экрана на galaxy a3

As writes E. Why at millions children whether crystalline lenses lose elasticity, whether muscles of eye will atrophy, whether eyes ungeometrical grow?

But all joints, sinews maintain the elasticity, muscles of a skeleton develop, and life of the modern schoolboys not too bad. If eyes from proximity of books so strongly strain, why schoolboys of them far away do not hold? At least because of feeling of laziness? In a retina about 10 million cones, about million rods. Their coordinates practically random, at different people are various, during the life is change [3]: Pic.

The tiny white circles are rods; the larger black regions with a white dot in the center are cones. Nevertheless an eye build up the high-quality image, is capable to notice objects with brightness or color contrast in part of percent.

How it is possible to it? One of the first works on research of oscillations of the eye which is watching a motionless point, is published in Russia in [6]. From its results: Pic. During observation of dot object of eyes is not in rest - are observed separate large gallop of an eye and small oscillatory movements continuously made by it.

The observer does not notice these jumps and fluctuations, keeping confidence of an immovability of the eye 2. As we see, even in the elementary situation of observation a only luminous point of eyes almost constantly deviates it on a corner more than 5 minutes - that resolution of an eye about 1 minute.

What for he does it? Apparently, to execute associate coordinates and mutual calibration of photoplatforms. During fluctuations through the same element of the image pass different photoplatforms - consequently, at equal sensitivity the signals from them should be equal.

Мысленная «жвачка»

But if signals are various - from these distinctions it is possible "to pull out" calibration factors and to use them for alignment of sensitivity of photoplatforms. It is similarly possible to execute the associate of coordinates of photoplatforms. But if look at blinking silver screen, at display, at TV screen; if the room is lighting with blinking luminescent lamps? Other photoplatform has passed on the same element, but brightness of it has already changed.

And so on all field of vision. How it will have an effect on eyesight? Present, what enormous size of the information the system of processing of the image should process in real time: 10 million cones, million rods, and the image together with an eye constantly vibrates. And it is necessary not only to associate coordinates, to level sensitivity and to compensate trembling the image - it is necessary to determine from this image a signal for controls of muscles of focussing an eye!

Можно ли избавитбся от пошлых мыслей

Naturally, at a conscious level it is impossible. It accepts from a retina "jumble", passes the qualitative image to a conscious level and operates focussing.

Как избавиться от навязчивых мыслей

Now we shall present, that the child gets in a difficult, dangerous vital situation [7]. Dangerous including in sense of impossibility of normal physical or mental growth, development.

And not objectively difficult and dangerous here not it is important , and what is perceived by his subconsciousness as such. First his brain tries to find an exit with the help of familiar logic.

Как скачать свой плей лист из вк одним разом всю музыку из вк

The alogical behaviour is potentially dangerous but what to make a brain, if logical i. If in this space to find the acceptable decision also was not possible, the "RESET button" is run: powerful electric pulses destroy old programs of a brain in hope, that generated instead of them new will be better. External displays can be different, but in any case this process is not pleasant. Erased is all successively, including quite working programs.

Can - the program of control the speech, at unsuccessful self-restoration the person will start to stammer. Can get and the program of a visual preprocessor for processing the information from millions rods and cones of eye.

The old program is destroyed, new was generated, but it appeared not better, but worse the old. The visual preprocessor can could make better it, but not know, what it is necessary to do. Letters is visible fuzzy? So they, probably, also are fuzzy, and I preprocessor all made correctly! Your logic reasons in this case is of area the supreme nervous activity, which is inaccessible to a preprocessor.

Here either high intelligence, or the big productivity. What to make? It is necessary to create such image, which can itself prompt, what it should be processed. For example, such: Pic. In result if the eye is focused correctly - the image is seen, at wrong focussing and sufficient distance the image will merge with a background, becomes invisible.

The preprocessor cannot the system of self-checking at all not have. Any system of self-checking tries to improve the image. What signify "to improve" - a question uneasy, mistakes here are possible. But if the image disappears - hardly probable it can be named improvement, whatever assessed.

And any processing recognition, measurement of coordinates, speeds begins with detection of the purpose. Other ways at it simply does not remain. Big, in the half-screen, the total size of observable object is important: by search of fine object the eyes and a brain subconsciously strain, at supervision big - relax, we need a relaxation!

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  • Indeed image of such type the program "Okulina" is creates. Technically to create on display the background with brightness in half maximal is rather difficult. To send a command from processor is simply, but the display will fulfil it with a mistake. If to be mistaken on a pair of percent, the visual preprocessor will find out object on difference of average brightness and will calm down.

    What for to change the algorithm, if object and so is found out? It is comprehensible to cabinets of physiotherapy, but not personal domestic computers.

    But the output exists. It is possible to make a background not uniform, but consisting of black and white stripes: Pic.

    Навязчивые мысли – это эмоции

    Narrow a strip of a background at supervision from pair meters will merge in a grey background, and its average brightness will be equal to half of brightness white square. Exactly that works Okulina. We begin with visiting the oculist. There are many different illnesses of eyes. Can, your "short-sightedness" - only the first symptom of serious disease, and you should not train, and urgently to be operated.

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    The author does not want to be guilty that someone has missed time and has lost the sight. If you can correct the sight - completely not bad, if this your feat will be documentary fixed.

    Можно ли избавитбся от пошлых мыслей

    We buy the extension piece for the mouse in length of meters, and connect it. If we have the wireless mouse and it precisely works in 2 meters from a computer - this part can be missed. We prepare a place.

    Можно ли избавитбся от пошлых мыслей

    During trainings to look at display is necessary from distance not less than 2 meters. Download a file okulina. The first file - executed, we run it.


    The second contains the initial data and should be in the same directory. The program is focused on work with one user. File is textual, with explanatories, it is possible to see with any viewers or editors. Distance from your eyes up to display a computer needs to be known, to create the necessary size of a picture and correctly measure an acuity of your sight.

    Range should be not less than 2 meters, the entered value should correspond to reality. Please, measure! That there it is entered - that here again needs to be specified.

    Íèêîëàé Áîãîìîëîâ

    To the program it needs to be known for correct measurement of visual acuity. The entered values are saved in file okulina. Try to see whenever possible small figures, on big - to make out separate squares, their borders to count number squares in acting elements of figures. On anything do not distract, all attention to training.